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Client Spotlight

🎉 Exciting News! 📚🎈

When our clients win, we win!


We're thrilled to share that the talented Shelley Jinks Johnson is on the brink of releasing her latest work! After the success of her hauntingly authentic poetry book, Shelley is now gearing up to enchant readers of all ages with her upcoming children's book, “North Star”! 📖✨


Join us in celebrating this remarkable journey as Shelley embarks on a tour to share her creativity and inspiration with the world. From Central Louisiana to wherever her adventures take her next, don't miss the opportunity to connect with this multifaceted artist, author, actress, and influencer.


Click the link below to discover more about Shelley Jinks Johnson's remarkable work and to stay updated on her tour schedule. Let's cheer her on as she continues to spread joy and imagination through her words! 🌟🎉

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